Dr. Arnold Meshkov's Debut Book

Chasing the Widowmaker

The History of The Heart Attack Pandemic

Book Cover Chasing the Widowmaker by Arnold Meshkov

PUBLISH DATE: March 2021                                                                              

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New Book!
Chasing The Widowmaker

The Story Behind the Century-Long Battle to Vanquish the Heart Attack Pandemic.

Millions of us know the two words “heart attack,” a disease that may have taken a loved one or affected you personally. Knowledge is power and people deserve to understand not just why a doctor tells you to have this test or procedure, or take this medication, but why and who discovered the “why.” Chasing the Widowmaker tells the story of the people who told us “why,” and is a compelling drama of the triumph of science that has helped vanquish the greatest pandemic of the last hundred years- what doctors call the “myocardial infarction.” 

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“I wrote this book after years in the medical field as an award-winning cardiologist to provide a nonfiction historical account of how the science of cardiology has progressed over the decades. We have learned so much about what can be done to treat and prevent heart attacks, and this in-depth knowledge empowers people to understand the nature of a disease that can affect all of us.”

-Arnold Meshkov, MD

Dr. Arnold Meshkov Cardiologist and writer of the Widowmaker
Meet Arnold Meshkov, MD

“I wrote this nonfiction historical account of how the science of cardiology has progressed over the decades, which has led to great advancements in the treatment and prevention of heart attacks. This in-depth knowledge empowers people to understand the nature of a disease that can affect all of us. I saw a need for a book that could help answer your medical questions regarding cardiovascular health in a comprehensive and easy to understand way."

Award Winning Cardiologist

Named “Best Cardiologist” by Castle Connolly for 2012, 2013 and 2014, Dr. Meshkov frequently lectures on a broad range of topics in cardiology and bioethics, both locally and nationally. His background includes publications in major medical journals and multiple teaching honors.

Read What People are Saying about Arnold Meshkov, MD and his Debut Book:
Chasing the Widowmaker

"In “Chasing the Widowmaker”, Dr. Arnold Meshkov describes the history behind the understanding and modern treatment of coronary artery disease and acute myocardial infarction (heart attacks). This is a remarkably reader- friendly volume. In the historical text the author artfully intersperses personal experiences as physician and cardiologist, as well as imagined views of a humanized Widowmaker. The book transports the reader from the early discoveries of basic cardiac physiology and pathology to more recent advances and discoveries that opened the door to modern diagnosis and therapy. The end result of these efforts has been a marked improvement in the current survival of cardiac patients. Dr. Meshkov profiles the physicians and scientists whose discoveries changed the course of the Widowmaker’s outcomes. We learn about interesting aspects their personal lives and how these impacted on their work. The book is well written, keeping the reader’s attention throughout, while providing a substantial volume of relevant and meaningful information. I highly recommend this book to lay people, patients with heart disease, as well as physicians- both cardiologists and those who practice other disciplines."
-Barry L. Zaret, MD
Robert W. Berliner Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Yale University Former Chief of Cardiology, Yale-New Haven Medical Center ​
"I cannot begin to express my satisfaction and profound respect for the privilege of knowing Dr. Meshkov and having him care for me. I first met Dr. Meshkov in the emergency room 22 years ago after falling gravely ill …Dr. Meshkov with his personal knowledge and understanding assured me he would not abandon me and be there for me in my care…To this day he remains the same. Dr. Meshkov spends ample time with you at office visits, listens to your concerns in a way that you never feel rushed."
-Brad L.
"Finally, a comprehensive and compelling treatise about the complex disease that kills more Americans than any other. Intertwining his own vast experience in the field with the well-researched and fascinating lives of the pioneers of heart disease research and treatment, Dr. Meshkov has crafted a book that splendidly entertains while effectively teaching. A must read for anyone who treats or suffers from coronary artery disease."
Emeritus Chief of Cardiology, Lankenau Heart Institute William Wykoff Smith Chair, Cardiovascular Research, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Professor of Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
"A year ago, I was having some chest pain when I would walk a short distance, didn't think much of it… Pain kept happening, so I found Dr. Meshkov, called him and was told to come right over. I told him my symptoms and he said he didn't want to run a bunch of tests, but thought I needed a heart catheterization. He set it up for the next day. Apparently, I had a 99% blockage of the LAD artery... They call it the "widow maker". I also have 3 other 50% blockages. Without Dr. Meshkov's years of experience and instincts, I wouldn't be here. I owe him my life!. Great man, wonderful doctor!!
-Mary Ann W.

"Dr. Meshkov has been my cardiologist for almost 30 years. He is a professional and caring person with his patients. His attention, care and service has always been above and beyond his call of service. I entrust my care to him and would recommend him to my own family if needed."

-Ricardo S., Patient

"I have been a patient of Dr. Meshkov's since 1985, I was 24 years old and in need of heart surgery for a valve replacement. Dr. Meshkov has been there for me in every aspect of my care. He is thorough, patient and genuine in his care and treatment. I never feel rushed during my appointments, he ensures that everything is explained and understood. Even during 2 pregnancies he supported me, called and spoke to the OB team caring for me to coordinate and monitor my cardiac status during pregnancy. I know that I can call him with any questions, concerns or needs. In 2006 I became severely ill and needed heart surgery again to replace my aortic valve, I never would have made it home to my family if it were not for his expertise and commitment to his patients. Forever my family and I will be grateful and thankful for the amazing doctor that he is."

-Kathleen S., Patient

"For thousands of years the "Widowmaker" has plagued mankind as a stealthy, shadowy figure who suddenly appears and wreaks havoc and death on the human heart and soul. This highly engaging book chronicles the life and impending death of this relentless killer, through the heroic efforts of many brave souls committed to defeating him. His voice is brought to life in a frightening fashion, yet the reader will eventually delight in his (soon-to-be) demise, and also discover how to keep him at bay."

-Bruce Alan Kehr, MD, Author of Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Ease Emotional Pain and Find Self-Love, and international award-winning psychiatrist and blogger

"Dr. Arnold Meshkov used his talent to greatly improve my chronic hypertension, something many doctors had tried to do. Dr. Meshkov solved my case using the latest skills combined with vast experience in physiology and pharmacology. Great doctor. Great person." 

-Herman B., Patient


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